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Dynamic Packaging Solutions, MACH 1 MANUFACTURING

Our approach to the contract packaging needs of our customers is to ensure that they receive professionalism shared with our vast experience.

With decades of experience and our customers ability to build to order projects that consist of displays, special pack programs, custom containers and the ability to execute and launch national product displays, we at Mach 1 Packaging, DPS are prepared to share our expertise to ensure that our customers next contract packaging project exceeds expectations.

Dynamic Packaging Solutions, Inc


Your secondary packaging needs can change with each new forecasted or new marketing concept generated. Mach 1 Packaging, DPS understand these dynamics and has experience in responding to them. We have launched many new display concepts, “buy-one, get-one free” and bonus programs.

Whether your need is to address shipping of conpenentsm creation of innovative displays for new marketing iniatives or other secondary packaging requirements, “Mach 1” has the experience enables us to apply the appropriate resources to our customers products.

With the growing competition and the need to draw consumers into the retail sector, promotional packaging is a must have differentiator. Local and multinational companies have recognized the need to Co-Pack different “add on benefit” products offering the end consumer better value for money without affecting the price of their brands.

The scope of Mach 1 Packaging, DPS is very extensive with each client’s requirement needing careful evaluation and solutions provided, which are cost effective for our clients and at the same time adding benefit to their consumers.

We at Mach 1 Packaging, DPS offer an array of Promotional Packing & Re-Working activities.


We specialize in secondary packaging where we can assemble and kit after we fill any number of plastic, glass, metals and most other flexible packaging. No matter the size, we can run the product. Water, solvent, thin, or viscous, we can fill the need and provide the very best service available. Make sure to ask us about our packaging accessories! Spray pumps, shrink wrap sleeves, caps, plugs and instruction sets.


Flexible pouches offer a variety of benefits

Labor Savings
Easier to handle product (smaller package sizes)
Less time spent on disposal
Less time spent on product evacuation
Improved display set-up time

Custom sizes (right size pouch for the job)
Storage efficiency (less space required for finished packages)
Empty pouches take up less space
Reheat in package for hot serve items

EZ open capability
Improved Yields
Easier product evacuation – virtually 100% product yield
Increased Sales
Better in-stock position
Fresher product – increased consumer appeal


Shrink Sleeve/Labels
Heat shrink sleeves are a great way to produce a highly marketable product. The sleeves are shrunk to the container using a delicate heat process allowing for the entire sleeve to contour the container. This can provide a sleeve which stands out on any shelf by providing full coverage. Shrink sleeves can contain full color picture, tamper evident seals, as well as different visual effects.

Shrink labels can contain multiple different colors, this makes your product unique and jump out when next to the competitors on the shelf. Your unique logo can be placed on the label to give the brand recognition your product deserves. These labels can be placed on metal, glass, and plastic bottles leaving your options endless.

Heat shrink sleeves are good if you are looking for a creative way to market your product. Anything from a full body sleeve to a neck band can put your product on top.


Shrink wrap is a great way to package many products. The shrink wrap film is economical strong, shape conforming, temper evident and clearly shows off the product.

Probably the most common of all methods, shrink wrapping is accomplished by trimming a piece of shrinkable film around an object, and then sealing it through a heat “tunnel” which “shrinks” the film to conform to the exact size of an outer box product. This is a tamper resistant covering that it is very common at the retail level on products such as gift sets, software, and promotional items, twin packs to name a few. The gloss effect created by the film tends to give a product or box a richer appearance.